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What Are Lunch Boxes Made Of
What Are Lunch Boxes Made Of
What Are Lunch Boxes Made Of


What Are Lunch Boxes Made Of? A Look At The Materials Used To Make

What are lunch boxes made of? The surprising materials that keep your food fresh

What are lunch boxes made of? There are lots of different lunch boxes and you can get them in a huge variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. However, even though they might look very different on the outside, they are almost always made from the same materials that help to keep your food fresh and dry. Let’s take a look at some of the most common materials used to make lunch boxes and discuss how they help keep your food fresh and dry.

What Are Lunch Boxes Made Of

What type of material is used to make lunch boxes

Lunchboxes are available in many different styles and types, but most have one thing in common; they’re all made from some sort of material. Depending on your needs and taste, you can find lunch boxes constructed from a variety of different materials: plastic, metal, fabric, and so on. Let’s take a quick look at these various options.

Lining Materials

The three main types of linings found in today’s reusable bags are vinyl, plastic, and aluminum. Both vinyl and plastic liners can be waterproof while aluminum is not, so plastic bags may cost a little more than vinyl or aluminum but they will help keep food dry if you happen to leave it in your bag all day at work. Aluminum is generally slightly cheaper than other lining options, but tends to dent easily so doesn’t always offer a longer life span compared with other lining options.

Outer Materials

The most common outer layer is made from either vinyl, nylon, or polyester which can be hard to stain or tear. The main benefit of these materials is their durability and relatively low cost compared with other materials used for lunch bags and sacks.


Not all lunchboxes are built equal, and a few basic features can tell you a lot about a box before you buy it. An important feature is a thickness – if you want your lunchbox to last more than just one school year, choose a sturdier model that is less likely to rip or tear easily.

Plastic Bags

Though they won’t keep your food cold like an insulated bag, plastic bags work fine for kids who don’t need to keep their lunches cold and just want a way to keep them from spilling or getting squished in their book bag. Plastic bags do have some serious environmental problems associated with them—biodegradable plastics are now available—and other types of bags may be a better choice for health reasons if you choose not to use a plastic bag.

Popular Materials

At their most basic, school lunch boxes are comprised of three main layers: an outer shell (usually vinyl or nylon), a middle layer that protects against leaks and moisture (usually plastic), and an inner layer for freshness (usually plastic, aluminum or vinyl).

PVC/Polyvinyl Chloride

PVC is one of the most common and durable materials used in making any type of insulated bag, including lunch boxes. PVC can come in a variety of textures (smooth or matte) but is usually lightweight and flexible enough to fold up and carry around easily, which makes it ideal for use in lunchboxes.

Other Materials To Consider

Despite common belief, it is possible to find something other than plastic when looking for a new lunch box. If you’re concerned about harmful chemicals leaching into your food or would simply like a different texture, consider an alternative material such as glass or metal instead.

How these BPA free containers are better than plastic bags

BPA-free containers are a safer choice for your health than plastic bags, which contain Bisphenol-A (BPA). This harmful chemical can leach into your food and cause a number of side effects such as abnormal growth patterns in babies and men, anxiety, and heart disease. The use of BPA is not regulated by law in Canada, even though it is banned in some places such as Italy and France

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